Living Room Decor for your Cozy Apartment

No matter what Home means to you, there is something nostalgic about the place we call home. Living Room Decor for your Apartment is one of my favorite topic that I wanted to explore myself and write about it.

It is the place where our story begins, the place of love, hope, and dreams starts and where memories are created, and laughter never ends. Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. However, with the culture of having a separate house with a backyard, garden, etc fading away slowly because of its own reasons, the Flat culture rapidly coming in and becoming Home for most of us people. We tried to cover some of our ideas to enhance the Living Room Decor for your Apartment.

With the facility of the foyer, living room, kitchen, bedrooms, balcony, dining area. The heart of a home is mainly the living room where it becomes a part to entertain our friends, talking, reading, watching TV, and relaxing. The decor idea is the reflection of our passion and creativity. Decorating a living room can be a real challenge to choose how to decorate the living room like making it formal or perfect for entertaining or make it casual or make it easy to clean fabric? Or else go for a timeless traditional style or make it more modern.

Sometimes, all a living room needs is one carefully considered key element to pulling the space together. Getting this right is a whole lot easier than redesigning every single detail of your living room. Here are some of the innovative living room decorating ideas to help you put your interior design woes behind you.

Space out your living room:

Having just the right amount of space between the things in your room contributes to the overall comfort and flow. This idea is more than simply keeping your room organized. The “Nothingness” within your living room speaks a lot. choose a smaller Sofa, float pieces away from your walls, use mirrors, and glass tabletops to give the illusion of added space.

You want the space to be close enough to reach for the remote or set down your drink, but far enough away to allow a little legroom. Follow the same rule for other seating in the room if you want to be able to reach the coffee table. Some of the ideas here can make your cozy little living room look a bit bigger.

  • Go for Subtle Colors: While you can use dark colours for your house’s outer walls or bedrooms, for living room whites, beiges, and ivories work the best. Apart from adding space, subtle colours make the room feel brighter and airy.
  • Decorate walls with mirrors: Adding a big mirror or a few small mirrors on the wall adds up a lot of space to your living room. Yes, mirrors create reflections. These reflections, in turn, create an illusion of space to you
  • Bring in Plenty of Light: Light along with Mirrors created a perfedt illusion to make you room big. Go for overrheads lights of fixed ones to give a brghter look to your home.

Add some Greenery

Don’t forget to add some life to your space. If you want an immediate infusion of life into your living room then make sure to add some well-designed indoor greenery. A splash of greenery on a dull shelf or desolate mantlepiece easily livens up the area and can make a barren room appear clean, fresh, and airy. Plants can make a stuffy room feel fresh.

Mix And Match Design:

Mixing design style throughout your whole home or in just in one room can be a fun and interesting look for your room but too much mix and match can be confusing, messy, and overwhelming but mix and match combine well together can create a beautiful look for your living room like from modern mixed with traditional to rustic combine with shabby chic. the options are practically endless. Mix and match the living room always be consistent with color, keep balance in the room, distribute the mixture evenly throughout the room, choose furniture perfectly and choose a perfect wall hanging.

Decorate your walls with some Personal Touch

 A decorative wall is the best way to add a personal touch. Inspiring quotes and beautiful pictures elevate your living room. You can post up your children’s artwork or some memorable family photos and also if you love to travel then fill your room with maps, guide books or if your love to read then fill it with some books.

Remember not to add too many framed pictures on the wall to avoid a gallery look. Let the walls be inspiring and artistic.

Play with Impressive Lighting

Another easy yet supremely effective way to transform your living room is to make use of different types of lighting, be it bulbs, lamps, or candles. Lights are essential when it comes to sprucing your space with the top home décor ideas.

Choose from bright LED lights that are functional in nature and warm decorative lights that help in improving the aesthetic sights are essential when it comes to sprucing your space with the top home décor ideas. Choose from bright LED lights that are functional in nature and warm decorative lights that help in improving the aesthetics.

Try out one of the app-controlled ones that allow you to change colors to spice up the atmosphere. Mood lighting works wonders in living rooms with the ability to switch on various hues according to the occasion.

Choose the Right Furniture

If you have old wooden chairs and tables, give them a lick of paint, fit the chairs with bright cushions and they can be a great colorful addition. you can take apart old furniture and use them for various purposes. If you have a sideboard or small storage closets that are no longer needed in the living room simply turn them into a small bar counter! Fix a kitchen roll holder on the side, add a new top, and you have a brand new stylish and functional bar counter.

Also, add some side tables and coffee tables as centerpieces to your Room. The center Table should complement your sofa.

Take care of your Floors

If you had bare floors, then adding a rug will give it structure and make the room more well defined. People often shy away from spending very much on rugs, choosing instead to invest in sofas, tables, and other furniture pieces. If you’re one of them, you are committing a common faux pas in living room decorating. Rugs are both practical as a soft layer to walk on and beautiful as artwork that ties your room together. Consider scale, color, and maintenance required while choosing the rug or carpet so that it matches your room and lifestyle in all aspects.

Design smart: reallocate resources reserved for your furniture and invest in better rugs. If a communal, inviting effect is what you are gunning for then soft and shaggy rugs that will let your feet sink in would be perfect. If color and brightness is your goal, then go for faux wool or woven texture. You can also consider layering by opting for different sizes.

Make your Room Smart

Apart from the design and aesthetic changes you bring into your room, making the room smart also brings out the decor in itself. Add a Voice assistant to control your smart lights and set them up using timers to change the ambiance of the room as per the time of the day. Be creative by adding a Smart TV and smart system that do most of the work for you.


No matter how cozy or small your space looks, there is always a way to make it look brighter and beautiful. Your living room should bring in the peace that you are looking for after an endless day at your work or doing home chores. Watch your favorite shows or just sit for a casual drink with your friends and family. We tried to curate some content that might help you decide your next Living room revamp idea.

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